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Our Smart Solutions & Services

We offer Smart Wi-Fi Solutions & Marketing Services to our Clients

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Smart Wi-Fi Hotspot Solution for Hotels and other Public Venues

We implement Legally Compliant Smart Wi-Fi Hotspots as per requirement on Public Places like Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts, Cafes, Colleges, Bus Stands, Beaches, etc. with the help of Smart & Powerful Devices along with Customized Wi-Fi Login Page options, Different types of user Authentication, Branding Options & Much More...

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Smart Ad Campaign Management, Reporting & Analysis

We follow systematic Ad Campaign Management Cycle along with Day-wise tracking & Analysis of every single Ad served through our Ad Server Platform for different Clients/Advertisers.

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Smart Wi-Fi Branding & Digital Marketing Services

We help Brands & Advertisers in Smart Marketing and Promotions of their Products or Services through our end to end Smart Wi-Fi Solutions which include i) Smart Responsive Digital Ads (Text Ad, Banner Ad or Video Ad) ii) Smart User Engagement iii) Smart Targeting Options iv) Smart Branding Features v) Smart Reporting System vi) Smart Re-Targeting Tools & Much More...

Our Project in Alibaug

'DigitALibaug Public Wi-Fi - Digital Alibaug Initiative'

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DigitALibaug Public Wi-Fi - Digital Alibaug Initiative (Alibaug, Maharashtra)

For more updates about this Project, Like/Follow Our Facebook Page mentioned below:- https://facebook.com/DigitALibaug

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DigitALibaug Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

Enjoy 24/7 Free Wi-Fi Service on DigitALibaug Public Wi-Fi Hotspots in Alibaug. We serve 1 Hour Free Unlimited Internet Data/Wi-Fi per Mobile User Everyday... (More such Wi-Fi Hotspots coming soon)

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Mandwa Jetty - First Wi-Fi Jetty in India

Launched on 24th March 2018 by 'SmartAd Solutions And Services LLP' in Association with 'Mandwa Port LLP'.

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Free Wi-Fi DigitALibaug

Watch Ad or Offers of Local Business or Brand & Get Access to Free Wi-Fi post Login...