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Why Wi-Fi Marketing???

Phones are Smart, Wi-Fi is Smart, Users are also Smart.

 Is Your Advertising Smart???


Public Wi-Fi Hotspots – Best Digital Marketing Platform for Local Businesses & Brands

 Currently, Digital Marketing is one of the most popular marketing medium all over the world including India. Even every small business owner is trying to build his online Presence in the Market with the help of his Business Website, Facebook Page, Google Business Tools and much more.

Most of these options are useful in creating awareness about particular Brand or Business in the market but  won’t help to reach Potential Customers of that particular business unless business owner is ready to spend huge money on targeted Advertising.

Examples:- 1)  If someone wants to see his website on First Page of Google Search Engine, he will have to spend a lot of money on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & Website Building.

2) If someone wants to increase Page Likes or Promote his Facebook Page, he will have to spend too much money on Facebook Advertising and even though results would not be 100% Accurate as actual Targeted Audience might be different than what was mentioned or configured at the time of creating Facebook Ad.


However, Wi-Fi Marketing is one of the Strongest medium in terms of Digital Marketing which has not been explored enough in India as compared to other countries like US or France due to lack of Awareness and limited resources.


Through Wi-Fi Marketing on Public Wi-Fi Hotspots, Local Businesses or Brands can promote their offers or products with Thousands of Wi-Fi Users every month in the form of Pay Per View Ad. It can be Banner/Image Ad, Video Ad, Text Ad or even SMS Ad.

We at ‘SmartAd Solutions & Services’ help Local Businesses & Brands to promote their Products, Services, Websites, Facebook Page, etc. on Public Wi-Fi Hotspots and guide them in Digital Branding & growth of their business through our Unique Customized Wi-Fi Branding and Marketing Solutions.

What’s Wi-Fi Marketing???

Before you know advantages of ‘Wi-Fi Marketing’, you should understand ‘What’s Wi-Fi Marketing?’

As the name suggests it is Digital Marketing of any product or service on Public Wi-Fi Hotspot. You might have experienced similar services at various Airports, Hotels and Cafes in Metro Cities. Broadly, when users turn on the Wi-Fi on any legally compliant Public Wi-Fi Hotspot, they will be redirected to the Wi-Fi Login Page which is called as ‘Wi-Fi Captive Portal’ where users have to login with their own Mobile Number to get Free Wi-Fi Access. This login will be blocked by the Wi-Fi Sponsor or Advertiser for about 15-60 seconds to showcase few Ads. Users have to either interact with the Ad or wait for  15-60 seconds to pass before they can login. This way, this form of advertising guarantees a 100% share-of-voice & dedicated view.


If you are into business and looking for Smart Marketing or Digital Branding Options for your products or services, here are 7 main reasons why you should go for Smart Wi-Fi Marketing:-

  1. DEMANDING:- No. of Internet & Smartphone Users are increasing rapidly. That’s why demand for Digital Marketing is also increasing day by day.
  2. NEED OF TIME:- People want Free Wi-Fi or Internet Access everywhere, which is need of TIME.
  3. TARGETING:- Advertising is more targeted than ever when you advertise where your potential customers spend most of their time i.e. on their Smart Phones. 75% of crowd connect naturally to Free Wi-Fi & More than 90% of these Wi-Fi Users connect to Wi-Fi through Smartphone or Handheld device.  You can Target Users based on different parameters.
  4. DEDICATED REACH:- Your reach is 100% dedicated as the Wi-Fi login screen displays your ads and offers, prior to the user getting online. Users watch your Ads/Videos in exchange for obtaining FREE Wi-Fi.
  5. REPORTING:-  You can get Smart Analytic Reports based on no. of views and no. of Clicks with Day-wise break-up for your Ad every month.
  6. USER ENGAGEMENT:- User can click on your Banner/Video Ad to access your website or gets extra information about your Products or Services on click.
  7. SMART REVENUE GROWTH:- You can frequently display limited period Promotional/Discount offers for users through this platform to attract more customers and increase your business revenue.